Up to 50% off + worldwide delivery + presents!

From the 14th to 25th November GRAB these awesome dance shoes with CRAZY DISCOUNTS, plus get a free shoe brush as a gift!*

Until November 22, take advantage of these discounts:

50% : 

Linda and Betsy sandals (BASICS collection)

33% :

Prescott Black, Bella Ride, Essie, sandals: Maya, Cara, Jenna

20% :

Urban Step, Urban Premiere, Urban Charm, Prescott Tan, Signature Szekely, Eva, Vera, Candace, Kent , Brown, Lorenzo

Check back on November 23 for special BLACK FRIDAY weekend limited promotions!

Happy shopping!

*Every order gets a free shoe brush while stock lasts.

Additional coupon codes cannot be used for items on sale.

8 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY SALE: UP TO 50% OFF

  1. Marta says:

    Love that the boots come in wide. Wish they came in half sizes. I wear a half size up in boots; a whole size up is too big. What do you recommend? I don’t want to have to incur shipping costs to return them.

    • Swayd says:

      Hello Marta! Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, we can’t do half sizes. 🙁 What you could do is:
      – try your boots without insoles (it’s a very popular trick applicable to all Swayd boots)
      – wear them a little longer (maybe at home with thick socks) and see what happens. They’re made of soft material that is supposed to stretch.
      – there could be a little more progressive hacks, like using special liquids from shoe stores or going to a shoe repair service. But we hope the previous two will work.
      Let us know about the results. We hope it’ll be alright.

  2. Sheryl Robinson says:

    Good afternoon! Great dance boots! Love the Urban Step. So comfy. Ordered a 37 to fit my 6.5-7.0 medium width feet. They did stretch some; I wear wool socks now, so that I don’t slide around in them. Still are a great pair of dance boots! Ordered the Bella Ride and Urban Charm, this time in a 36 due to the stretch potential. They are a little snug. Sadly, I need to return the Bella Ride, because they are narrower than I expected, (and more snug than the Urban Charm in 36),and I don’t want to assume they will stretch enough. Love the styles and comfort overall! (PS: There were supposed to be shoe brushes, but none were included with any of my 3 boot orders. )

    • Swayd says:

      Hi Sheryl! Thanks a lot for your comment!
      Sometimes free shoe brushes are out of stock, so we add to our posts “while stock lasts”. Sorry you didn’t get any. The next time you or your friends order anything from us, would be great if you could send us a reminder, like, “Hi, I didn’t get a free brush in my previous orders, and I was said I could get one now”. Will it work? We’ll be happy to send it to you.

  3. Alvin Tse says:

    Will you have other styles of men’s dance shoes besides the two on your website? I like the sneaker idea (is it suede underneath?) as it’s probably comfortable but looking for something like a casual walking shoe? Also can you place us on your mailing list? Thanks!

    • Swayd says:

      Hi Alvin! Yes, Brown Dance Sneaker has suede outsole. Basically it’s something like Converse with suede underneath for the proper contact with dance floors.
      For men we also have another dance sneaker Lorenzo , it’s super lightweight and cool!

      And yes, we’re also working on some new model of men’s dance shoes, but so far we don’t know when it’s going to be released.

      Thanks for your comment! We’ll keep you informed!

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