Urban Boot Name Contest: Results

Dear dancers,

During this contest you were looking for the perfect name for our brand-new model of dance boots. We’ve received hundreds of entries! Woah! We’re hugely impressed and grateful for your enthusiasm!

So let us say THANK YOU for your great help, and give every participant a 10% DISCOUNT on your next order! Send us a private message to get your personal promocode!

A special THANK YOU goes to the winning contestant, who was the first to offer this bright and modern name; let’s say, the name that makes our hearts beat. THIS IS IT! ?

So, meet the name of our new boot: URBAN VIBE, and it’s author Amy Finder! Congratulations! Amy gets a $100 voucher for any pair of Swayd shoes she likes.

We’re wishing you all great dances with Swayd!

P.S. Terms and conditions of the contest: https://www.swaydshoes.com/2019/06/06/urban-boot-name-contest/

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