Margaret Stephenson
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I have loved all my boots and get regular compliments even from instructors. They hold up well and lots of other dancers have taken your number so I hope I am an ambassador.
Becca Parker
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LOVE Swayd shoes, they are my favourite to dance in Zouk, West Coast Swing, they are so comfy and stylish. Big fan!! Can you tell?
Linda Mattos
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We were taken by surprise when we put the shoes on and felt the comfort of them. They felt like clouds of heaven on our feet ♥️♥️ Super light, super comfortable, great design and dancing felt like dream. Pedrinho Mattos and I can 100% recommend these to anybody who wants to feel great while dancing.
Kelsey Rote
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I have the SwayD jazz boots / Lorenzo and I love them!
Jeanne Lynne
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I love my Swayd dance boots! I have 2 pair and would love more. I brush them each time. And rotate them. So comfy and they make dancing so natural! I could never dance without a pair. These are so easy to stash in a purse to slip on anywhere for carefree dancing.
Pat Fields
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Could not decide on Black or Red boots.....so I got both... they really do feel soooooo goooood on the dance floor..thank you SwayD...for bringing these to the dance community...can’t wait for the short boots.
Desi Love
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I got a pair of the urban step and they fit awesome. They feel like I’m wearing soft and cozy slippers and they hug my feet. The lower heel is perfect for dancing all night long. I always have difficulties with breaking in shoes.. but not with these.. love them so much.
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