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Shoe Care FAQ

Many of you have asked us about this at events and over the phone, so here's the basics gleaned from our usual Q&A with customers.

  • How can I keep my boots clean and looking nice?
    Our microfiber boots, lace flats and canvas sneakers have a fabric based shoe upper and can be spot cleaned with cold water and mild cleaners. If you wish to apply a stain repellent, we recommend ScotchGard(tm) Fabric Protector.
      • What is the outsole on the shoe, and how do I maintain it?
        The outsole is the part of the shoe that touches the floor. All of our products have a natural suede outsole. To maintain good traction it is recommended to brush the outsole with a wire brush on a regular basis. 
          • My shoes have stretched out, can make them fit more snug again?
            Most certainly! We offer a variety of specially made replacement insoles that will make that trusty pair feel secure on your feet again. Contact us for details, or visit us at one of our event booths.
              •  My soles are shiny, do I need a new pair?
                Soles that are shiny are usually just that way because the shoe hasn't been brushed for a while. Your shoe is probably fine as this is not a sign of the shoe wearing out. In most cases it's just packed from floor grease and other particles, and a good brushing with a wire shoe brush will usually restore the finish.
                  • My heel is peeling on the edges or coming loose, what do I do?
                    If your outsole or heel leather is peeling we recommend gluing edges with E6000(tm) Craft Adhesive. Or you can always come visit us at any of our booths and we'll fix it for you for free.
                      • My heel is wearing out, or it went missing somehow. Can you fix it?
                        Absolutely! We provide replacement heel patches for all our dance shoes and boots. Just contact us and we can get you a replacement. Or you can always come visit us at any of our booths and we'll fix it for you for free.
                          • I've lost a belt, shoe lace, insole etc. Do you provide replacements?
                            Yes we do! Contact us via email with what you need and an explanation of how the part got lost to obtain a replacement for a small handling fee.

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